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Credit Card

Why Choose DPS Card Services?

We know the Struggle

Reality is, technology tends to fail us. As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is waste unnecessary time with your payment processing company in order to resolve any issues. We know, we've been there.

We are NOT a Payment Processing Company

We act as a BROKER in the payment processing industry. We have many dedicated sales reps within multiple processing companies to choose from, making DPS Card Services a true unique company. With many options to choose from, we are able to customize solutions based on your business needs and specific challenges. 

Relationships Matter

We are with our customers every step of the way, from the initial set-up, all through their business journey. We conduct in-person courtesy visits, provide on-site assistance, and a direct line to your local representative. 

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If you are still unsure, check out some of our

Frequently Asked Questions.

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