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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I just work with a local bank?

You can work with a local bank, however, you will likely not get the best rates for your processing needs which can cost you thousands. Local banks almost always work with third-party processing companies, acting as middle-men. To realize any profit, they add additional fees in addition to the bank’s processing partner’s normal fees. It might seem logical to “consolidate your accounts in one place”, but how much is it costing you extra annually? Is it really worth the account consolidation, or is it costing you thousands instead? DPS Card Services can easily determine if a bank’s processor is providing you the best rates for your business. Equipped with more information, you will be able to make an informed decision about what truly is best for your company.

Wouldn't my business be better off working with the largest merchant provider?

Bigger does not always mean better. It is a huge misconception that a bigger company will provide you the best processing rates and customer service. More often than not, this misperception results in huge financial losses for business owners. It is DPS’ smaller size and lower overhead that enables us the greatest flexibility to save you the most money and deliver unparalleled customer service too!

Well, all merchant services are out to sell you something. 

DPS Card Services is NOT out to sell the merchant anything; it merely makes its services available for processing payments with WHATEVER tools you may have! DPS wants to save you money by processing your payments. If you want or need hardware to process payments or to update your old hardware, we can oblige, but is is rarely necessary. Furthermore, if hardware is needed, we have several solutions to finance any new potential purchase needs, so there is no upfront cost. 

My business operates 24/7, what if something happens after hours?

Great News! DPS Card Services' customer service departments are available 24/7, including holidays. All support numbers will be provided to clients for use 24/7. 

What areas do you serve?

DPS Card Services serves the entire United States of America, so regardless of your time zone, we are there for you and your business!

Ok, we've covered Our Mission, Why Us, and a few FAQs. Are you ready now?

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